The Human Toxicology Program has two committees to assist the program faculty in administering the program.

The Executive Committee meets 3-4 times per year to review the progress of the program. The  committee reviews curriculum, admissions information, program learning outcomes, recruitment of new faculty members, first year rotation possibilities, and recommendations from the Student Advisory Committee. The members of the Executive Committee are:

Dr. Peter Thorne, Program Director

Dr. Jong Sung Kim, Director of Graduate Studies

Dr. Garry Buettner

Dr. Jonathan Doorn

Dr. Corinne Griguer

Dr. Hans-Joachim Lehmler

The Admissions Committee is composed of five members of the Executive Committee. The Admissions Committee reviews all applications, makes recommendations about which applicants to interview, interviews the applicants, and make recommendations about which applicants to admit into the program. The five members of the Admissions Committee are Dr. Thorne, Dr. Kim, Dr. Buettner, Dr. Doorn, and Dr. Lehmler.