Gabriele Ludewig, Ph.D.


Campus address: 234 IREH 

Primary department: Occupational & Environmental Health

Interdisciplinary program(s): Human Toxicology 

Research description: Dr. Ludewig has worked in the area of human genetics since she received her undergraduate degree, expanding her knowledge from the testing of chromosome anomalies to genotoxicity testing as a PhD student, to understanding the mechanisms of carcinogenesis including transport and metabolism of carcinogens and their interference in DNA integrity, gene regulation, and cellular homeostasis.

Dr. Ludewig’s recent emphasis has been on understanding the carcinogenic risk from lower chlorinated biphenyls, i.e. airborne PCBs, like those found in older buildings, schools, and the air of metropolitan areas.  She has led an effort to study the metabolites of airborne PCBs and to identify their individual geno-toxicities. She is also Co-Project 1 Leader of the Iowa Superfund Research Program as well as serving as the leader of its Training Core.

Gabriele Ludewig