Student Advisory Committee Mission Statement:

It is the mission of the Student Advisory Committee (SAC) for the University of Iowa’s Human Toxicology Program to:

(1) Collectively advocate for the program’s students so that they have the best possible training, resources and experiences on their path to becoming professional toxicologists

(2) Foster a welcoming environment for all students in the program.

(3) Help ensure the program meets the expectations of the students.

The SAC meets with the Human Toxicology Program administrative team several times per year to offer insights and make suggestions to improve the program. They host social events so students can connect. They assist with the Holiday letter by providing a video of all the students. They match with potential applicants and first year students to answer any questions. They created a New Tox Students FAQ booklet and a Roadmap to Success booklet to assist students with not only choosing classes but also to outline typical student program progression.

This past year they have created a new Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiative to assist domestic and international students. They have partnered with local high schools to bring Human Toxicology students to the schools to explain science and do hands-on projects. They are also in the process of creating events and activities to inform undergraduate students about the field of toxicology.


SAC Member Description:

The SAC is composed of five to seven, optimally six, students from the Human Toxicology Program. Seats on the committee are occupied by students from all levels of program completion. The SAC has been recognized as a Engage:Student Organization by the University of Iowa.


SAC Election:

In May of each year, the SAC Vice Chair will email the current program student body to inform them that the SAC is seeking nominations for the next year’s committee. Deadline for nominations is mid-June. If more than seven nominations are received a program wide election, that is to occur before the scheduled July SAC meeting, will occur so that positions are filled with no less than the distribution described above for those in their second year and above. 

The first-year liaison representative will be selected by the first-year students in August or early September, after they arrive to campus and get acquainted with the program/course work and lab schedules.

2023- 2024 Student Advisory Committee Members:

Chair: Alyssa Daniel

Vice-Chair: Priyanka Newase

Secretary: Rachel Crawford

Programming Director: Shri Vishalini Rajaram, Milica Pavlovic

DEI Director: Oluwadarasimi Atanda

Treasurer: Nicole Breese

First Year Liaison: Brianna Haase