The Doctor of Philosophy program in Human Toxicology requires a minimum of 72 s.h. of graduate credit. The program is designed for students with backgrounds in the biological, engineering, and physical sciences. Entering students should have solid training in science, including courses in introductory chemistry and biology, and organic chemistry; knowledge of biochemistry and molecular biology is also useful. Students may remedy deficiencies by taking appropriate courses during their first year of graduate study.

The Human Toxicology Program is flexible. Students work with their mentor to plan a course of study tailored to their individual interests and goals within the field of toxicology. Examples of some sample plans can be found in Appendix 2 of the Student Handbook.

PhD. students with a major in human toxicology must successfully complete the following course work as part of their course of study.

Course List
Code Title Hours
One of these two courses:
OEH:6710 Human Toxicology and Risk Assessment 3
PHAR:6501 Principle Mechanisms of Chemical Toxicology 3
And all of these:
BMED:7270 Scholarly Integrity/Responsible Conduct of Research I (must be completed within first two years of graduate study) 0
TOX:7173 Professional Development in Toxicology 3
BIOS:4120 Introduction to Biostatistics 3
BIOS:5120 Regression Modeling and ANOVA in the Health Sciences 3
OEH:6720 Advanced Toxicology 4
TOX:7180 Toxicology Research Seminar (enrollment is required each semester)


TOX:7300      Toxicology Dissertation 1

After successfully completing the comprehensive examination, usually at the end of the third year of graduate study, the student advances to PhD. candidacy. Students then devote most of their time to dissertation research and writing. Upon successful completion of all requirements, including the dissertation and its oral defense, students are awarded the Doctor of Philosophy degree.

Associated Courses

For course descriptions and prerequisite information, see the course listings in the College of Pharmacy and the Department of Occupational and Environmental Health sections of the Catalog. 

Course List
Code Title Hours
OEH:7060 Research Design in Occupational and Environmental Health 3

Principles of Molecular & Cellular Biology


Topics in Principles Molecular & Cellular Biology

PATH:5461 Intro to Morphology 1
FRRB:7000 Redox Biology and Medicine 4
OEH:5110 Managing and Sharing Your Research Data 1