The Human Toxicology Program is primarily designed for students to complete a doctorate degree. We do offer a Master of Science program but it is only designed for students who wish to pursue a master's degree as a second degree or through part-time study, particularly those who perform toxicologists' functions in their jobs and who need additional training.

The Master of Science in human toxicology requires a minimum of 39 s.h. of graduate credit and a thesis.

Entering students should have backgrounds in the biological, engineering, and physical sciences and should have completed courses in introductory chemistry and biology, and organic chemistry.

After entering the program, students work with their mentor to choose an advisory committee, which meets at least once a semester to help them explore their research interests. The committee also provides consultation on course work and research activities and serves as the committee for the final examination (thesis defense).

The Human Toxicology Program is flexible. Students work with their advisory committees to plan a course of study tailored to their individual interests and goals within the field of toxicology.

Please contact the Program Director, Dr. Peter Thorne, if you wish to inquire about the Masters degree program.