Brita Kilburg

Brita Kilburg
Year of graduation: 

I joined the Human Toxicology Program at University of Iowa in 2009. What I like most about Toxicology is the variety of implications it has across a wide range of fields. My interest in toxicology and its implications first started through the lab portion of a biology course at my undergraduate college. I also got the opportunity to be an intern at Iowa State University's Plant Pathology department in Summer 2008 where I developed a determination to join the program. Working towards an advanced degree will allow me to grow intellectually and contribute to the field of Toxicology with the help of faculty and co-workers.

Previous education:

Loras College, 2009
Thesis title: 

“Validation of Electrostatic Dust Collectors (EDCs) as Effective Passive Samplers”

Current employer/institution: 
Brody School Of Medicine, East Carolina University