Tasnim Al Rashaideh


My interest in toxicology first started when I participated in research as an undergraduate student in Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology. During my research, I acquired a curiosity to explore what are the factors in our environment that interact with our DNA to cause human disease.

In my home country, Jordan, toxicology is mainly related to venoms and poisons, and highly associated with forensic medicine.

Women’s contribution to science in Jordan is growing and I want to be part of this growth. My ultimate goal is to establish a new perspective for toxicology in Jordan, conduct research on the most pressing environmental hazards, and serve my community to the maximum of my ability.

AdvisorPeter Thorne, Ph.D.

Program: M.S.

Tasnim Al Rashaideh
BS, Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Jordan University of Science and Technology, 2010