Laura Badtke


I joined the Human Toxicology Program in 2008.

The most enticing feature of toxicology for me is the interdisciplinary aspect that is present in this field. My undergraduate education at Augustana College exposed me to many different facets of biology and research that I found interesting and wanted to pursue further in graduate school. While at Augustana, I was able to assist with both molecular and clinical research. Upon my graduation in the spring of 2007, obtaining an advanced degree in toxicology was a major consideration, however I decided to temporarily postpone these plans for a year when I was chosen to represent Augustana College as a Foreign Expert in an exchange program at Central China Normal University.

This experience has helped to foster my interest in global health within toxicology. The idea that there can be such a small threshold between helpful and deadly and the seemingly wide variability in thresholds from person to person amazes me. I look forward to pursuing an advanced degree that will enable me to further develop these interests.

Thesis Title: The influence of gene polymorphisms, modifiable lifestyle factors, and toxicants on the protective effects of the paraoxonase genes. full-text

AdvisorGabriele Ludewig, Ph.D.

Year of Graduation: 2014

Program: Ph.D.

Current Position: Associate Medical Writer

Current Employer/Institution: Complete HealthVizion

Laura Badtke
BA, Biology; Minor Biochemistry, Augustana College, Rock Island, IL