Thomas vant erve

Thomas van't Erve
Year of graduation: 

During my final undergraduate year, I did a year-long research project at the University of Iowa. This project was part of my degree in chemistry. I was guided during this project in part by Dr. Larry Robertson, the director of the human toxicology program.

During this time I became increasingly interested in the field of toxicology. Toxicology was a perfect mix of chemistry, biology and physics. This ultimately lead to the start of my PhD degree in the UI human toxicology program.

I was part of Dr. Garry Buettner's lab. Dr. Buettner is director of the ESR facility, which utilizes a technique to detect free radicals. Part of my research involved the use of these machines, as well as using chemical and biological approaches to quantify anti-oxidant protiens in various normal and cancer cells.

Previous education:

Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Enschede, the Netherlands, 2008
Thesis title: 

Discoveries on the Storage of Red Blood Cells and the Exposure of Cells in Culture to Xenobiotics

Current position: 
Research at NIEHS
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