Sabine Vorrink

Sabine Vorrink
Year of graduation: 

During my undergraduate studies I spent half a year in Sweden where I completed a research project at the Karolinska Institute. At that time I realized that studying abroad is an opportunity I definitely want to take advantage of thus I started looking for universities and programs that fit my research interests and education. The Ph.D. program in “Human Toxicology” at the University of Iowa fit my interests most because it combines a variety of natural sciences and offers a multitude of research possibilities. Furthermore, I liked the idea of studying in the United States. All in all I am convinced that this program will greatly help to improve my education and career.

Previous education:

B.AS, Biomedical Sciences
Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Enschede, The Netherlands
Thesis title: 

Regulatory Crosstalk and Interference between the PCB 126 Stimulated AhR and Hypoxia Stimulated HIF-1α Signaling Pathways full text


Vorrink SU, Severson PL, Kulak MV, Futscher BW, Domann FE. Hypoxia perturbs aryl hycrocarbon receptor signaling and CYP1A1 expression induced by PCB 126 in human skin and liver-derived cell lines. Tox Appl Pharm 274 (2014): 408-16. PDF

Place TL, Fitzgerald MP, Venkataraman S, Vorrink SU, Case AJ, et al. (2011) Aberrant Promoter CpG Methylation Is a Mechanism for Impaired PHD3 Expression in a Diverse Set of Malignant Cells. PLoS ONE 6(1): PDF

Awards and honors: 

June 2012: Graduate Student Senate (GSS) Travel Funds Award

May 2012: KC Donnelly Externship Award from the NIEHS Superfund Research Program

April 2012: Executive Council of Graduate and Professional Students (ECGPS) Travel Grant

September 2011: Central States Society of Toxicology Annual Meeting, Omaha, NE: Best Student Poster Award, Central States RC Graduate Student Travel Award

Current position: 
Postdoctoral Research Scholar
Current employer/institution: 
Karolinska Institutet