Jaymie Voorhees

Jaymie Voorhees

I joined the Human Toxicology Program in the fall of 2012.  My journey to toxicology began during my undergraduate time at Eastern Illinois University.  While pursuing a biological sciences degree, I decided to take part in independent research working with atrazine exposure in a watersnake population in Illinois.  This project, along with my diverse course work in biology, sparked my interest in furthering my education in toxicology.  After completing my degree in 2010, I moved to Boston to work at The Immune Disease Institute as a research technician.  The main focus of the laboratory was the diverse field of vascular biology.  Working in a medical research laboratory with talented colleagues solidified my decision to further my education in toxicology and brought me to The University of Iowa. 
I’ve always been interested in science, medicine and nature—it is only natural that I’d be interested in a career that combines all of these facets of life.  I’m very excited to see where these next few years will take me in my research career.

B002 Medical laboratories

Previous education:

B.S. Biological Sciences
Eastern Illinois University, 2010
Current research description: 

In the lab, I work on projects that focus on the development of a neuroprotective compound, P7C3, discovered by Dr. Pieper. My thesis work will be studying the effects organophosphate exposure in models of neurodegeneration, specifically Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and traumatic brain injury.

Thesis title: 

Cognitive Impairment and Neuronal Damage in Alzheimer’s Disease are Malleable: Chlorpyrifos Exposure Exacerbates Phenotypes, while the Neuroprotective Compound P7C3 Ameliorates Effects in a Transgenic Model of Alzheimer’s Disease


Suidan GL, Brill A, De Meyer SF, Voorhees JR, Cifuni SM, Cabral JE, Wagner DD. Endothelial von Willebrand factor promotes blood-brain barrier flexibility and provides protection from hypoxia and seizures in mice.  Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol (2013), Volume: 33, Issue: 9, Pages: 2112-20

Suidan GL, Duerschmied D, Dillon GM, Vanderhorst V, Hampton TG, Wong SL, Voorhees JR, Wagner DD.  Lack of tryptophan hydroxylase-1 in mice results in gait abnormalities.  PLoS One (2013), Volume: 8, Issue: 3, Pages: e59032

Neuman-Lee, LA, Gaines, KF, Baumgartner, KA, Voorhees, JR, Novak, JM and Mullin, S. J. (2013), Assessing multiple endpoints of atrazine ingestion on gravid northern watersnakes (Nerodia sipedon) and their offspring. Environ. Toxicol.. doi: 10.1002/tox.21837

Demers M, Krause DS, Schatzberg D, Martinod K, Voorhees JR et al. (2012) Cancers predispose neutrophils to release extracellular DNA traps that contribute to cancer-associated thrombosis. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 109: 13076-13081 PubMed: 22826226.

Crescente M, Thomas GM, Demers M, Voorhees JR, Wong SL, Ho-Tin-Noé B, Wagner DD. ADAMTS13 exerts a thrombolytic effect in microcirculation.  Thromb Haemost (2012), Volume: 108, Issue: 3, Pages: 527-32

Awards and honors: 

University of Iowa Graduate College Post-Comprehensive Research Award

Current position: 
Postdoctoral Fellow
Current employer/institution: 
St. Louis University