Duo Zhang

Duo Zhang

I came to the University of Iowa four years ago from China to study biochemistry. I got my biochemistry bachelor degree with a minor of chemistry last December. I strongly developed my deep interest of both biology and chemistry during the years I spent at Iowa. I was lucky to had gotten chances to work with lots of smart and experienced people. I desire to do more research to help improve people’s health care.

The Human Toxicology PhD program is my first choice because of its comprehensiveness. It connects so many different areas like chemical engineering and pharmaceutics. Therefore, there must be massive interesting stuff waiting to be explored or created. I have always had a  passion to explore things. I hope I can do R&D jobs after I get my PhD degree. I used to be a professional swimmer and also I can play the piano. I hope to have a colorful five-years in the program.

Previous education:

The University of Iowa