Rachel Crawford


My name is Rachel Crawford and I graduated from Clarke University in Dubuque with a BS in Biochemistry and a minor in Biology. While at Clarke, I was involved in independent research projects which included studying the quenching of dextromethorphan fluorescence and studying the caffeine content in kombucha. I also acted as a research assistant to a professor’s NMR research. My interest in toxicology research grew from a toxin project done in my first biochemistry course. I am most interested in looking at how specific enzymes are affected by toxins found in the environment and the mechanisms involved in this.

I became interested in the University of Iowa’s Human Toxicology Program after learning of the interdisciplinary nature of the program and the program’s work with the Iowa Superfund Research Program. I am excited to be able to learn about the field of toxicology from several different perspectives and fields of science and be able to see toxicology work be applied to real scenarios through the Superfund Program.

Advisor: Ethan Anderson, PhD

Crawford picture
BS Biochemistry, Clarke University 2021