Mahbube Jafari


My Name is Mahbube Jafari and I am originally from Isfahan, Iran, which is a great historical city. Shahrekord University awarded me a bachelor's degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology-Genetics. My desire to expand my knowledge and gain some practical experience in the field of genetics drove me to pursue graduate studies in this field. I graduated with a master's degree in human genetics at Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences. “The Effects of NAGA Gene Downregulation on Cancer Cell Characteristics” was the topic of my thesis. Conducting my master dissertation research project was a real milestone in my academic experience as I became conversant with many laboratory techniques.

After graduation, I was hired as a research assistant at the Isfahan Immunodeficiency Research Center. I received a DAAD grant to be invited as a visiting scientist to the Dr. von Hauner Children's Hospital, LMU in Munich, after gaining two years of experience in the field of inborn errors of immunity. The above-mentioned profitable research experience not only provided me with a comprehensive insight into the molecular bases of genetic disorders, but it also taught me cooperation, discipline, and perseverance, all of which are essential attributes for academic success.

Working in both an academic and clinical environment helped me realize that the university is the greatest workplace for me. Because flexibility always thrills me, I chose the human toxicology program for my PhD study due to its interdisciplinary approach with brilliant researchers from many backgrounds. I am looking forward to the days ahead in this program. Sports, particularly volleyball and swimming, are my favorite extracurricular activities. In addition, I spend the majority of my free time reading books and watching movies.


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BSc: Shahrekord University, Iran
MSc: Shahrekord University, Iran