Kaihua Liu, PhD


I come from Yantai, a seaside city in north China. I joined the Human toxicology program in the spring of 2018. Before joining the program, I got my bachelor’s degree in public health and my master’s degree in Hygiene Toxicology from Xiangya School of Public Health, Central South University. My previous research focused on the mechanism of the liver toxicity of Cr(VI), with an emphasis on mitochondria. My past research experience promoted my interest in toxicology, especially the mechanism study of some environmental contaminants, so I decided to apply to a Ph.D. program to continue my research career and get to know more about the toxicology field.

The University of Iowa’s Human Toxicology program suits me best for several reasons. Firstly, it’s an interdisciplinary program where students can choose classes based on their interests. Secondly, students can do three rotations and choose the lab that they like most, which greatly facilitates a successful and pleasant graduate school journey. Thirdly, the stipend is excellent compared to the living cost in Iowa, which makes us able to enjoy our life in and out of the lab. I have improved a lot since joining the human toxicology program, and I wish to apply what I have learned to save people who are suffering from environment pollutants after graduating.

Advisor: Thomas Rutkowski, Ph.D.

Dissertation: CHOP drives cells to mutually exclusive cell fates—death and proliferation—during ER stress

Current Position: Postdoctoral Researcher at Boston Children's Hospital

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Kaihua Liu
B.S. Medicine
Central South University, China
M.S. Hygiene Toxicology
Central South University, China