Jyoti Arora


Jyoti Arora is a storyteller in the world of the big bang. Her stories stride around lacunas and mysteries of oncology. The tale epochs from her initial pensive dive into reviewing available techniques while pursuing her honors study in Biochemistry and contributing to the development of an imperative technique book in India entitled “Rediscovering Genetics – A laboratory manual”. As she dives into the scientific sea, she found herself entangled with the model organism of the genus Drosophila and has worked extensively with different species in the context of understanding the plastic changes by climate change. Her heart still thirsts for oncology, she embarks on a project focused on understanding the molecular mechanisms of Gonadotropin-releasing hormones in Glioblastomas.

She has been awarded prestigious Indian scholarships and fellowships by qualifying national competitive examination including the Department of Biotechnology (Master’s scholarship), Indian Council of Medical Research (Project-Junior Research Fellowship), Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (Junior Research Fellowship) and have qualified Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering (Biotechnology).

Now, she has joined the Human Toxicology program for her Ph.D. Studies. The interdisciplinary nature of the program offers the best opportunity to imply her knowledge of cancer biology in the aspect of the Toxicology field. She has high hopes to learn the attributes and skills of a researcher.

Advisor: Peter Thorne, Ph.D.

Jyoti Arora
B.Sc. Biochemistry
University of Delhi
M.Sc. Medical Biotechnology
Maharshi Dayanand University