Darasimi Atanda


My name is Oluwadarasimi Esther Atanda, I am a Nigerian. I obtained my Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Biochemistry from Osun State University and University of Ibadan Nigeria in 2015 and 2019, respectively.

My Master’s research project was in area of toxicology. I combined my interest on the adverse effects of pollutants on the brain and reproductive system using male Wistar rats as model. Specifically, the novel findings from my work demonstrated that dietary selenium effectively abrogated neurotoxicity and reproductive toxicity associated with arsenic exposure. Indeed, the good training and the publications from my Master degree program further ignited my passion to acquire more advanced training in toxicology so as to contribute more to knowledge in the field.

The scope of research tools and diversity of research topics being investigated with in the interdisciplinary  program   Ii n  Human Toxicology  at the  University of  Iowa  is  extremely impressive. I am very confident that my PhD training would allow me to understand more varied techniques of analysis in order to contribute positively to the research field at  the  University and also to the scientific body of literature in general and consequently, leading to improvement in environmental sustainability and human health.

Outside research, I am involved in different extracurricular activities that bring enjoyment and enhanced my skill acquisition. I enjoy reading, singing, drawing, hiking and socializing.


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BSc Biochemistry: Osun State University, Nigeria
MSc Biochemistry: University of Ibadan. Nigeria