Okeke, Uwimana, and Buranasudja receive Graduate College Post Comprehensive-Research Fellowships

The Human Toxicology Program has been successful in submitting and receiving Post Comprehensive Research Awards from the University of Iowa Graduate College. The award recognizes students with distinguished academic achievement during their early graduate training. These achievements are evident from a combination of outstanding academic performance in coursework, as well as early scholarly research activities. Barbara Okeke and Eric Uwimana received Post-Comprehensive Fellowships for fall 2017 and Visarut Buranasudja received a Post-Comprehensive Fellowship for spring 2018. Congratulations to Barbara, Eric, and Visarut!



            Eric Uwimana            Barbara Okeke           Visarut Codey Buranasudja            

                Eric                                Barbara                         Visarut

              Uwimana                           Okeke                         Buransudja