Toxciology Students and Faculty Present at International Conference in Japan!

Human Toxicology students and faculty presented at the Ninth International PCB Conference in Kobe, Japan in October 2016!

Student Eric Uwimana presented a poster entitled "Risk assessment of disruption of estrogen receptor signaling pathway by OH-PCBs in Baikal seals; application of in vitro and in silico approaches." Fellow Iowa Superfund Research Program trainee Victoria Parker's poster was entitled " Inhibition of Human Steroid Sulfotransferases by Metabolites of Common Airborne Polychlorinated Biphenyls and its Potential for Altering Adipocyte Differentiation."

Both Victoria and Eric were in the five students awarded at the conference for poster presentations. Eric won best student poster presentation!

Human Toxicology Faculty Dr. Larry Robertson, Dr. Gabriele Ludewig, Dr. Keri Hornbuckle, Dr. Hans Joachim Lehmler, and Dr. Michael Duffel gave oral presentations at the conference. Dr. Hornbuckle and Dr. Lehmler co-chaired Session 1 and Dr. Duffel co-chaired Session 3.

In addition, Dr. Andres Martinez and David Osterberg from the Iowa Superfund Research Program also gave oral presentations at the international conference.