James Kehrer, PhD

James Kehrer, PhD

Jim Kehrer says he sought out the toxicology program “that was rated among the best in the country.” Early in his undergraduate years he had discovered an interest in biomedical research and selected pharmacy to obtain a broad background in biomedicine. Following his acceptance into the University of Iowa Pharmacology program, he looked at the interests of the faculty and “I became most excited about toxicology.”

That eagerness has sustained a vibrant career since 1978 when he received his doctorate and followed it with two years of postdoctoral work in the Biology Division of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Dr. Kehrer then began a 25-year association with the University of Texas (Austin), which included developing, and leading, that University’s outstanding pharmacology and toxicology program. In 2005, drawing once again on his pharmacy background, “I reinvented myself as a dean,” assuming leadership of the College of Pharmacy at Washington State University (Pullman).

Previous education:

Purdue University
The University of Iowa
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Current research description: 
Because of his administrative duties, Dr. Kehrer no longer has an active research laboratory. Nevertheless, he retains an interest in inhibitors of lipoxygenase (LOX) and cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) enzymes that induce apoptosis as well as studies on redox regulation of signal transduction, particularly with regard to apoptosis. He is the editor of the international journal Toxicology Letters and has been appointed to the Non-prescription Drug Review panel of the Food and Drug Administration.
Counsel for current toxicology students: 
Respect and listen to your mentors, but do not be afraid to voice your own opinions and follow your own instincts. A graduate student who does not have curiosity beyond that of his or her advisor will miss out on developing the skills necessary to become a successful independent investigator.

Current position: 
Current employer/institution: 
College of Pharmacy at Washington State University (Pullman)
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