Hua Shen

Hua  Shen
Year of graduation: 

I joined the Human Toxicology Program at the University of Iowa in 2007

I transferred to UI from New Jersey. It seems I made the right decision. In 2007, I became a Tox PhD student in the brand new program. As a guy who plays with “toxicants,” I do work on finding mechanisms and pathways in which the toxicants affect human body rather than post–treat the pollution, which I did before.

Environmental Science
Nanjing University
Year of degree: 
Thesis title: 

Responses of Paraoxonase 1 to Dioxin-like PCB 126 (3 ,3’, 4, 4’, 5-pentachlorobiphenyl): Mechanisms and Consequences


SHEN HUA, WANG XIAOrong Effects of Lead (Pb2+ ) and Cadmium (Cd2+) on the Induction of HSP70 in the Fish Liver Environmental pollution & control (2004,26(4):244-246

SHEN HUA, WANG XIAOrong*, ZHANG JINGfei Effects of Copper (Cu2+ ) and its Complex Compound(Cu-EDTA) on the Induction of HSP70 in the Fish Brains Environmental Science (2004,25(3)105-108)

SHEN Hua, WANG Xiaorong, ZHANG Jingfei Application of the Stress Protein(HSP70) as the Biomarker in studying the Zinc & Copper and their joint toxicity to the fish liver Journal of Environmental Sciences (2004,24(5):895-897)

SHEN, Hua, Robertson,  Larry W,  Ludewig, Gabriele. Regulation of paraoxonase 1 (PON1) in PCB 126-exposed male Sprague Dawley rats. Toxicology Letters (2012, 209(3): 291-98.

Counsel for current toxicology students: 

Be unique and Be professional

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Shell Oil
Current research area: 

1. Functional pharmaco/toxicogenomics study using mammalian haploid cell line models for drug and environmental compound screening.
2. Mechanistic studies of genetic susceptibility to the toxic effects of chemical exposure using yeast parallel deletion analysis (PDA) and RNA interference (RNAi) techniques.
3. Cancer stem cell study on the mechanisms of lymphoma and leukemia induced by inhaled carcinogens.

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Houston, Texas