Eric Uwimana

Eric Uwimana

I became interested in toxicology during my undergraduate study, where I learned of adverse effects pesticides have on human health. My interest to study toxicology was further increased when I worked on a project on developmental effect of chlorpyrphos on mice. 

The interdisciplinary nature of the program offers great opportunities for choice.  I am interested in mechanism of action of xenobiotics in causing diseases.

I like exploring the people the geography and the culture of new places. The diverse study environment in the USA is fascinating.

Previous education:

BSc,Agriculture (Pesticide Chemistry and Toxicology)
Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt

Dhakal, K., Uwimana, E., Adamcakova-Dodd, A., Thorne, P.S., Lehmler, H., Robertson, L.W. Disposition of phenolic and sulfated metabolites after inhalation exposure to 4-chlorobiphenyl (PCB3) in female rats. Chemical Research in Toxicology 27, 1411-20 (2014), PMID: 24988477, PMCID: PMC4137987.