Students Work and Learn in the Community

Six students from the Human Toxicology Program did a road trip to East Chicago, Indiana to support the outreach activitiesof  the Iowa Superfund Research Program (Isrp) at a junior high school. The students assisted Ashlee Johannes, Community Engagement Coordinator for the Isrp. Students taught 8th grade students at Joseph Block Junior High about PCBs during their science class.

East Chicago is home to several Superfund sites. The Indiana Harbor and Ship Canal, just a few blocks from Block Junior High, is being dredged. Dredging first began in 2012 in the Grand Calumet River, which contains polychlorinated biphenyl, or PCBs, and is considered one of the most polluted in the country.

Toxicology students really enjoyed the chance to interact with junior high students. It was a good lesson on how toxic substances affect the surrounding community and how toxicologists can assist communities as part of their job.